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Why Magic

The Right Way

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Although winning is integral to the Magic tradition, we wholeheartedly believe in teaching basketball the right way. We get kids ready to play at the college level, focusing on key aspects such as teamwork and hard work. Coaching is more than just rolling the ball out and letting the kids scrimmage. 


Media Exposure

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Magic player experiences, achievements and contributions (on and off the court) are documented and celebrated via our website and various social media outlets. Full games are recorded for select teams so highlights can be easily made and we have released over 25 highlight tapes in the last year.

Video Camera

Skills Development

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One of our weekly practices is focused solely on individual skill development to ensure every player continues to get better on a personal level. 

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Communication is second to none, as parents are informed every step of the way including practice schedules, game schedules, player evaluations, etc. The Magic host parent meetings at tryouts to explain the process. There are also seasonal meetings to discuss and assist student-athletes in the college recruitment process. 


Top Notch Tournaments 

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In addition to our competitive regional schedule, our top level teams play in all major tournaments during ALL live periods, traveling to tournaments in Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and
New York.

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Educated and Talented Coaches

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Magic boasts the most qualified coaching staff in the region, with over 20 coaches that are college educated and will not only help your son or daughter develop as a basketball player, but as a young leader as well. In total, Magic coaches have over 200 years of coaching experience, as well as over 10 coaches that have played at the collegiate level.

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