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Parent Information

This portion of the website will be updated with brief articles and videos that discuss issues that involve youth sports and particularly youth basketball. Feel free to reach out to the director with any suggestions for this portion of the website or if you have any questions on any articles/videos that are posted.


Role of Parents/Guardians 

Frank Martin is a highly successful Division I basketball coach who shares his philosophy on being a parent and watching his sons play youth basketball -

The article discusses the importance of attending games as a parent/guardian-


This article is written by a program director that has been involved in AAU and skills development for almost a decade. It focuses on negative decisions/habits that he has seen too frequently among parents. Although the title of the article, Top 10 signs of a crazy parent, may be harsh, these are definitely warning signs that parents have lost their perspective. Having been involved with youth basketball for 30 years, I personally have witnessed every item on the list and in the last 3 years as director of the RI Magic, I can honestly say I have seen all of these from parents in our program as well.


Helping Your Child Improve Their Game


This link discusses how important a growth mindset is compared to a fixed mindset and how parents can help instill a growth mindset in their child. utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=WATCH%20VIDEO&utm _campaign=10-05-2018%20Players%20Give%20-%20Weekly%20Rebound

Matt Painter is the head coach of Purdue. In this brief clip from a press conference, he discusses a player who walked on to the team and ended up becoming a starter and how players need to not only accept their role on the team, but embrace it to help the team win.


Coach Fitzgerald, head football coach at Northwestern, discusses how evaluating parents are now an important part of the recruiting process.