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  • What is AAU?
    AAU stands for Amateur Athletic Union. AAU is one of the largest, non-profit, volunteer, sports organizations in the United States. AAU is a multi-sport organization, the AAU is dedicated exclusively to the promotion and development of amateur sports and physical fitness programs. Although there are many basketball programs in the region, not all of them are affiliated with AAU.
  • What are the benefits of playing AAU?
    AAU basketball gives your child the opportunity to play up to 50 more games and practice 40 more times a year. By playing with players of your same ability, it allows players to develop in practice and compete in games against teams with similar talent.
  • Is the Rhode Island Magic a registered AAU program?
    Yes. Our club code is W37B74
  • When did the Rhode Island Magic begin as an AAU program?
    The Rhode Island Magic was started in the Fall of 2015 with 5 teams. Since then, the Magic has more than quadrupled in size and has become one of the largest and most successful AAU programs in the region. The growth of the program can be attributed to talented and caring coaches who are passionate about the game, teaching players not only basketball skills, but life lessons as well. The parent testimonial section is a great resource for parents researching AAU programs, and we are proud of the quality and quantity of our testimonials.
  • What ages and genders does the Rhode Island Magic offer?
    The RI Magic has teams at all levels from 2nd to 12th grade for boys and 6th to 10th grade for girls.
  • How does tryout registration work?
    We offer convenient registration. We highly recommend you register your player online, prior to the tryouts, as it will expedite the tryout check-in process. You can also register in person the day of the tryouts. In that case, please arrive 20 minutes prior to the start of your tryout to register. A one-time non-refundable tryout fee of $25 is required, regardless of whether you pay online or in person and that covers both tryout dates.
  • Is it required that my child attend both tryouts?
    It is strongly recommended that you attend both tryouts, but if you can't, you must attend at least one. It is extremely beneficial if your child can make both tryouts, as this gives the coaches more time to evaluate the player, which allows us to see if they are a fit for the program and also helps ensure that they are placed on the appropriate team based on their skill.
  • How do you evaluate players to ensure each player gets a fair tryout experience?
    All of our coaches attend both tryouts to make sure that the selections for teams are as accurate as possible. This allows us to have multiple coaches on each court to help run the drills and evaluate the players. We start with drills that measure individual talent before moving onto scrimmage situations for game play.
  • How will players be selected and how long before you know if you made a team?
    At the tryout, our staff will evaluate and place players where we feel they will develop and contribute best to their team. Players and parents will find out if they were selected for a team within 1-4 days. The director will review the entire tryout process at a parent meeting held after tryouts.
  • How many players will be on each team?
    Each team will consist of 9-11 players. In rare cases, a team will have 12 players. Historically, only 2% of our teams have started with 12 players and all ended with 11 or less. In most cases, our elite teams from 8th-12th grade will have 10 players.
  • If my child was on a Rhode Island Magic team previously, is he/she guaranteed a spot this year?"
    No. Every season, new players come to the Magic and some players develop differently from one season to the next. Every player starts each season with the same opportunity to make a team.
  • How much will my child get to play?
    Playing time is not a right and is not equal for all players. Playing time is based at the discretion of the coach, but all players should expect to play at least 25% of both halves of the game. The coach makes the decision about playing time based on a range of factors: player performance, level of execution, player work/focus during practice, game situations and match ups, and game strategy. Any questions related to a players playing time should: - Never be discussed or raised by a player or parent before, during or immediately after a game. - The Rhode Island Magic utilizes a 24 hour cooling off period, which allows time to organize your thoughts and have a meaningful discussion with your child's coach. - Be discussed directly and in person - with their coach. - Focus solely on your child. No reference should be made to another player.
  • When/Where are practices held?
    Practice times for all ages are 105 minutes between approximately 5:30-9:00pm, depending on their age. The majority of our practices are held at West Warwick Civic Center 100 Factory Street, West Warwick, RI. We also use Dr. Jorge Alvarez High School 375 Adelaide Ave. Providence, RI.
  • How many practices are there in a week?
    Depending on the team and season, teams will either practice once or twice a week. The first 50 minutes of practice will focus on skill development. For skill development, coaches use stations to teach and reinforce the main basketball concepts, utilizing drills that build on each other throughout the season. The second part of the practice is a team practice that focuses on skill development as well as team concepts of basketball.
  • What happens if my child misses a practice or game?
    Please inform the coach directly if your child will miss a practice/game. By doing so you will give the coach ample time to prepare a new practice/coaching strategy.
  • How many tournaments will the teams play in?
    Teams will play in 7 tournaments during the Spring season and 4 tournaments in the Fall season. Most tournaments are held in RI, MA and occasionally CT and games are almost always played on Saturday and Sunday. Most tournament sites are within 1 hour 15 minutes or less of Providence. In the spring, our top teams from 8th grade through 11th/12th grade will play an extended season through July and for those teams, there will be more extensive travel. All of the tournaments that we enter are a minimum of 3 games and most offer the opportunity to advance to play more games.
  • Does the Rhode Island Magic participate in AAU National tournaments and/or, for high school teams, play in tournaments during the live period in July?
    Yes. Beginning in 8th grade, our top level teams from 8th-11th will travel and play at National tournaments, as well as other tournaments during the live period in the Mid-Atlantic and South areas. Our 8th grade teams have played at the AAU Nationals held at the Wide World of Sports Complex at Disney since 2016, often sending multiple teams each season. For 9th, 10th and 11th grades, our teams will play through July and compete at the best tournaments during live periods. Teams have traveled to Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Florida during live periods.
  • How much does it cost to play for the Rhode Island Magic?
    For the spring, the fee is $699 and for the fall, the fee is $499. If you need a uniform package, the cost is $95, which includes a reversible game jersey, game shorts, shooting shirt and practice reversible.
  • What does the cost cover?
    The fee covers, but is not limited to, the following: tournament entry fees, gym rentals for practices, practice/tournament insurances, coaching fees, AAU fees, website maintenance, and other miscellaneous fees. Included in the price is access to the recruitment portion of the website. This is a comprehensive, seperate website that includes college/recruiting information that recruiting services charge thousands for, but is being provided free to RI Magic members.
  • How and when do I make payments for the season?
    Once a player is selected for a team, full payment needs to be made at that time. Payments can be made via cash, check, credit card, Venmo, CashApp or Zelle. • Cash payments can be completed with the director at the first team practice. • Checks can be completed with the director or mailed to: P.O. Box 114051, North Providence, Rhode Island 02911 • Credit card payments can be processed through our website. • Venmo payment can be completed at any time. @David-Tedeschi-6 • CashApp payment can be completed at any time. $DavidTedeschi6 • Zelle payment can be completed at any time. 401-864-2629
Frequently Asked Questions
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