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RI Magic Partnerships

We are excited to have partnerships with several organizations that enhance the Rhode Island Magic experience for our players and their families. 


ZGXL is a private, invitation only league run by Zero Gravity. This league selects the best teams in the region and those teams compete against each other in the best venues in the region while also providing additional exposure to college coaches. We are an official member of the ZGXL for our elite high school teams. This league only plays in the spring/summer and for those committed teams, there will be some additional travel.


Connecticut Sun

The Connecticut Sun is a professional women’s team in the WNBA. Over the past several seasons, our girls’ players have been able to participate in many on-court experiences, including playing on the court before the game, meeting with former and current Ct Sun players, being a part of the fan tunnel as players entered the arena and sitting on the bench while players warm up before the game. Players and families also get discounted tickets to the game.

Providence Pirates

The Providence Pirates is a professional men’s team in the ABA. Over the past several seasons, we participated in a Magic night at one of their home games. Magic players get in for free if they are un uniform and friends and family get discounted tickets. Players have also been able to play at halftime of the game as well.

Point Guard College (PGC)

This is a high level camp that helps players develop on and off the court. They believe:

  1. Every player deserves to know how to unlock their potential.

  2. Every player deserves to discover how to be a leader on and off the court.

  3. Every player deserves to know how to use the game to propel themselves to success in life.

  4. This is the heart behind all we do at PGC.

Of all the camps I [David Tedeschi] have attended as a coach, I found this camp to be the most beneficial for players. As an affiliated program, we get a discount on their camps and exclusive offers as well. 

Local and national showcases and camps

There are many showcases and camps, most notably All-Academic, Hoop Group, and Hoop Mountain, just to name a few. Magic players get a discount to all of those showcases and camps.


Ethos Performance Group

One of our coaches, Dr. Tim Swenson, is a physical therapist that works with players on injury recovery, prevention and also improving strength and conditioning. More information can be found at Ethos Performance GroupSee the video below that explains the new movement skills clinic that Dr. Tim offered this spring (2024) and will be continuing in the upcoming fall 2024 season. This weekly session is open to all RI Magic middle school and high school players at no cost.

Video explanation of movement skills clinic by Dr. Tim

Local colleges

Our players get discounted tickets to some of our local Division 1 teams and have had the opportunity to play at halftime of games as well.

University Orthopedics

University Orthopedics has several locations throughout Rhode Island for our players' orthopedic and concussion needs. If a player has an orthopedic injury or you suspect your child has had a concussion, reach out to David Tedeschi and he can connect you with their team to facilitate an appointment. We will also be hosting a concussion baseline screening this fall for all of our players. More information about concussions can be found HERE.

Concussion baseline screening conducted at one of our practices

UO concussion screening.jpeg
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