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What Our Families Say


Hey Coach Coleman-

Thank you so much for an amazing season this year. The things you taught me are endless and I can't thank you enough. I came into the season being shy and unsure about my game and skills and now I play with complete confidence. I loved playing, with you as a coach. I can't thank you enough and hope that I get the opportunity next year to perfect my skills even more.

Thank you so much,


Just wanted to give a big thank you to you Coach Bell. This was Julian’s first experience in an AAU type setting. He has learned and grown a lot from this season playing for you and with his teammates. We look forward to hopefully being a part of more RI Magic related opportunities.

Hi Coach Tedeschi-

I just want to let you know that Coach Bell is amazing!! He runs wonderful practices, focusing on what the team needs to work on, based off of the last games. They have improved each and every game. The players are all very nice and get along well. Blake has had Coach Bell and this is Luke’s 2nd time and we would love for Luke to have Coach Bell again in the future! 




Hi Dave and Henry,
I just wanted to thank you and the RI Magic family for a great fall basketball season. This was Daniel and Julian's first experience and I have to say they had fun, learned a lot about basketball and improved their games. Henry, thank you very much for the time you spent with the kids, I can tell you that as a coach you m
ade a difference in Julian's interest in the game. He tried out for the East Greenwich travel team (EGBA) and made it, I know that would not have been possible without the experience he got during this fall season. I appreciate all you did for the kids and hope they get to work with you again in the future. In general we had a great experience and will definitely try out again next year.

Thank you,

Abdul S

Hi Dave -

Thanks for a great season and for all you do (which is a lot!). Both Desmond and Jaden learned and grew a lot under two awesome coaches. It was really impressive what both Henry and John accomplished in a short time, and I'm grateful that both boys had such terrific leadership, coaching and positive influences in their lives.


Hi Dave,

We just wanted to thank you for all your hard work and a wonderful season, thank you! Josh was a great coach and we look forward to the Spring!  Truly grateful!


Adam, Maggie, and Evan

Good afternoon Coach Henry,

I am the parent of Joel V. A little background- Joel has played in 2 different AAU leagues and some summer leagues and middle school basketball and none were very organized or had good communication. Joel needs structure and discipline and can stand in his own way of his potential when angry. However this being our first time with the Magic team and coaching I have been so impressed with my son both on and off the court. You and this organization have surpassed my expectations. We have enjoyed being a part of this team and are very grateful for your time and dedication you have put into them as their coach. It has been awesome and I hope to see you at one of his games at the Woonsocket high school and in the spring. 

-Krystal H


Good morning. Just wanted to thank you for a great season and an awesome opportunity for David. Even though Fall is a short season, his father and I saw definite growth/improvement in his game. Tory is a great coach, and I loved seeing how they progressed each week. Have a great winter, and you'll see us next Spring!

Sincerely and appreciatively,

Missy W

Hi Dave,
This is Jen, Jackson’s mom. I just wanted to say thank you for such a positive experience for Jackson in his first AAU basketball season. He definitely was challenged and learned a lot of new skills which I am so happy for. I also wanted to say what a great job Josh did with the boys. Look forward to the spring and any other opportunities that may come up with you all in between. Thank you for all the work you put in, I appreciate it and imagine it is quite a bit!
Jen G

First, I just want to say how incredible the Magic program is. From the constant communication, talented coaching staff, organized structure of practices- I have only positive things to say. 



Good afternoon Henry,

I want to thank you very much for a great fall season. It was nice to see how well you coached the boys, one of the best coaches I have seen Jaliath have since he decided to change from baseball to basketball in the last few years. I really do appreciate your time and dedication. We hope to see you in the spring and hope you and your family enjoy the holidays! 

Thanks again! 

Kerri L



Coach Coleman-
We just want to thank you for making Dylan’s first experience playing AAU basketball such a great experience!! He really enjoyed playing for you and with all the boys on the team. Thank you for all your time during practice and during games coaching Dylan to help him become a better player.  Please also thank Coach Madden for us as well!! He also had great energy and supportive feedback for Dylan as well!!! We wish your team a great season at Mount Saint Charles!!

Thanks again,


Hi Dave,

Thank you for this past fall season. I feel that Ryan will be well prepared for the upcoming high school season. His time with Coach D’Ambra has been great. I feel that Ryan has grown as a basketball player and as a person while being coached by Matt. He does a great job with the kids and has created a very good team atmosphere when most AAU teams have players that are thrown together. Ryan has developed good friendships with players from across the state through this program. Matt cares about the kids and their progress and I feel has their best interest which is important to me.

Thank you again,


Hi Dave!

Cole had a such great experience. We love your program. It’s so organized and the fact that you are always there and know every single kid is impressive. Cole was so lucky to have Kevin Briggs as a coach. This man is a gentle giant. He may stand at 7'3" and be a pro basketball player but he gets down to look every player in the eyes. He was dedicated to having each and every player improve as an individual and as a team. And that they did! We will definitely be back in the spring!



My son Joshua joined the magic coming off an injury and having taken a step back in his development. He was always a really talented player and good athlete but being hurt got into his head and he played more timid. He lacked confidence. His coach, Skyler Delgado saw something in Josh and took him under his wing. He helped Josh regain his confidence and taught him how to play point guard the right way. That, combined with the excellent rehab he got at Primal Physical Therapy (with Magic varsity coach Tim Swenson) really turned things around. Now, in his second season with the Magic, he moved up to a more competitive team and played meaningful minutes, including crunch time at the end of games. He’s a completely different player now and I thank the entire Magic family for their part in his development. 

Thanks again,


My son has played with Magic for 3 years and I cannot say more positive things about this organization. The quick responses, the transparency, the detailed information, quality players and coaches, etc.


My daughter played on Coach Ed’s 8th grade team this spring. It was an excellent experience for her and her teammates. They were pushed at practices and games and everyone improved as the season progressed. The communication was excellent and the girls had lots of smiles while being challenged on the court.


Hey Coach,

Just wanted to THANK YOU for another amazing season. Great group of boys who played as a team and supported each other the whole season. Dimitri has come a very long way under you and I can’t thank you enough for that (the kid that didn’t talk to now not shutting up. Lol) Have a great summer and hope to see you in the fall. 



Hi Dave -

I want to thank you for not only an amazing season, but recruiting AND keeping such fantastic coaches. Coach Ed has been amazing, and having such consistency, and great coaching makes for great success. Thank you for all you do for us, the teams, and the organization. We are proud to be part of the RI Magic family. We watch other teams with bad attitudes and poor sportsmanship, and again proud that our coaches instill pride, integrity and good sportsmanship.  

-Tracy and Sophia

Hi Dave,

I just want to say that coach Skyler was terrific. My son learned a ton from him and responded better to Skyler than any of his previous coaches. Coming off another injury, entering the season, he really made great strides and I attribute a lot of that to the coach. 




I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful coaching of the team this year. Chace greatly enjoyed the season and learned a TON from you on the court and how to handle situational awareness outside of playing. I'm very happy he played for you this year and look forward to keeping in touch. Have a great summer, you deserve it for sure.


Hi Henry!

I just wanted to say thank you for a great season. Michael learned so much and most importantly had a lot of fun. He wants to play again in the fall. You are an amazing coach actually the best I ever seen! Thank you for all you do and having these boys love basketball and bringing them to the next level. 

Coach Jack Madden has been a big part of my son’s basketball development. Robert first played for Coach Madden as a rising 6th grader during the summer of 2020. He lacked basketball skill and knowledge of the game and overall was a quiet player. If he was lucky enough to get an offensive rebound, he might put it back up but usually passed the ball. On defense if he did get a rebound, he couldn’t pass it fast enough almost like he was playing hot potato. Robert started working with Coach Madden on private drills when the season ended and has continued with these drills at least once a week for the past two years. Robert has improved his ball handling, passing, shooting, and most importantly his confidence has grown exponentially in that time. He now knows when to pass and when to shoot and understands the game to the point where he has become a vocal leader on defense. My wife and I are happy to be part of the Magic Family and are thankful for Coach Madden’s skills instruction.



Hi Dave,

Ryan had a great experience this season with the Magic. Ryan enjoyed his teammates and especially Coach D’Ambra. Coach D’Ambra was one reason for him to come back to the Magic in the fall. Matt sets a high expectation for his players which challenges them to get better. Ryan appreciates this and looks forward to playing for him again in the spring. I was happy to see that the team played its best basketball during the last weekend of the season which showed their progression. Thank you again.


Hello Coach J and Coach Ben,

Thank you for a great season! Chris really benefited from your coaching and leadership! Your commitment to the team was energizing and inspiring for Chris and our family. It really makes a big difference. Thank you and see you next season, I hope!


Hi Dave,

Such an amazing fall season!! I would like to thank Coaches Blouin and Paiva for their time, and dedication. Their knowledge, professionalism and positive environment they brought to the court for the boys was extraordinary. Rhode Island Magic is a great organization and very well organized. Can’t wait for Spring tryouts! 

Thank you,


Hi Coach,

Thank you for your kind words in your email. You did a fantastic job with the kids and we are very appreciative that Drew was able to play for you.  We cannot thank you enough for your dedication and the positive environment you provided to all of the kids. We really hope to see you again next session. Best of luck for your upcoming season and wishing you and your family happy holidays !

-Keith & Jenn


Dear Henry and Dave,

We just wanted to let you both know how thankful and appreciative we are for all that you have done with the boys these past nine weeks with tryouts and practices. We have been very impressed with the level of knowledge and professionalism with which the RI Magic coaches bring to the table. Connor has been working very hard and learning more everyday. I have seen many AAU programs that simply focus only on wins and losses and not the continued development of skills, teamwork and sportsmanship. That is too often overlooked and ignored today. Thank you again for all that you do. 


Tom & Lyn


We just wanted to say thank you to our Magic Family for another great season. My boys have now had many seasons with Magic and continue to learn and grow as players and young men. Our coaches have been professional and caring every year. Shout out to coach Wishart and Madden. Cullen and Tyson both had a great season this past spring, one of the best. I could not have been happier with the way schedules ran despite COVID-19 continuing to be an issue we are all still unfortunately dealing with. The boys are registered for fall and fingers crossed they are selected for another awesome season. 

-The Rasco Family

Hi Dave,
I would just like to thank you for giving Dimitri the opportunity to play in Orlando with Coach Blouin. It was such an amazing experience for him. Coach Blouin is great!! Dimitri loved playing for him. Dimitri fit right in and the boys really had a great time together. Thank you again and see you at tryouts in the fall. 
Thank you,

Coaches Henry and Dave:

   I wanted to reach out and let you know that I cannot express enough how grateful I am for all that you both have done for Lucas’s game over the past year - both physically and mentally. He literally is a new player compared to when he started with the Magic when it comes to his skill set, his confidence and his mental aptitude on the court, and it’s due to your efforts in both the Fall and Spring. I am disappointed that it doesn’t looks like he will be playing for you both again next season, but I am confident that the skills you have helped him develop over the last year will serve him well no matter who he plays for. Thank you again. Enjoy the rest of your summer!!



   My wife and I would like to thank you both for the amazing experience afforded to our son Matthew during this past year with the Rhode Island Magic organization.  Our two sons have participated in numerous travel teams across several sports over the years and our experiences have varied greatly.  However, this experience for Matthew has been of the highest quality by far.  

   We appreciate the Magic program’s overall organization, communication, process for tryouts, number of games, quality of practices, placement in appropriate tournaments, etc.

   Most importantly for Matthew this year was his coach.  Henry connected with Matthew both personally and as a mentor.  Matthew learned so much.  We saw an amazing improvement in many elements of his game. We could go on and on about that, AND he had fun, which is really what it is all about. We are disappointed he will not get to work with Henry in the Fall season, but are forever grateful for this amazing experience that he has had with Henry that has been so impressionable and beneficial during the last few months for Matthew.

  We want to thank you both for your hard work, passion, and commitment to creating such a worthwhile experience for our son Matthew. Looking forward to the tryouts in August for the Fall season.

-Brian & Renee 

   I can’t stop being thankful for this opportunity. Joey has been playing AAU since becoming of age. So I consider myself quite the expert and never have I been so happy and proud of him. But also the entire team. Especially coach Bland. I’ve often found myself telling Joey, “Bland is the best thing that ever happen to you.” That’s no joke! He teaches the boys while showing them respect in the most genuine and organic form. The sport means something to him and the boys feed off that energy like their lives depends on it. As a parent standing on the sideline for every game since day one, my heart fills with gratitude to the highest degree. Thank you for hiring Coach Bland Dave! 

   And Dave, you’re also quite the rockstar! You run the website, IG, attend games, engage with the players and parents, keep everyone up to date, provide feedback and answer every question; you organize tournaments and so much more…all while managing your own family and supporting your students at work. That dedication is something to be admired. Thank you so much for keeping this process easy for kids and parents. 

   We have never been happier with a team and plan to stay until together we see Joey off to college. 




Thank you for a great few seasons. Christian has grown under your coaching and we truly appreciate your giving him a chance.  We all consider ourselves fortunate to be part of your team. Cheers to the summer!

-Ray, Maria, Christian, and Casey

Hi David,

   I know it's always important to get feedback from parents about coaches and program, so I wanted to send you a testimonial about Coach Madden. We appreciate your having recommended him to us last year when the pandemic precluded our daughter Sabrina Gonzalez from playing with the Magic. 

   Coach Madden always goes the extra mile when he's coaching our 12-year-old daughter. He's not only excellent at teaching the technical aspects of basketball and skill development, he also knows how to motivate her to play better. His holistic approach to coaching has made our daughter feel more confident in her abilities and deepen her love of the sport. Coach Madden's passion for coaching kids and for basketball is palpable.

   By the way, I also want to mention that Coach Brenna has been terrific with the girls. She's been very thoughtful in her approach to coaching and is always communicating with them in a motivational way that shows how much she cares for them. Sabrina has loved being a part of the team. 




   Coach Madden has been working with our son Ari for a year now and during this time we have seen Ari grow not only as a player, but also mature. Coach Madden focuses on the player and understands their needs on and off the court, allowing the player to become more focused and confident in the game and the world around them. Each week during training, Coach finds a new way to challenge Ari. Just last week, he challenged him to stop playing and talk about his experience with basketball to some other players. While not easy, Ari was able to communicate where he was a year ago versus now. Communication skills are necessary for life and seeing this being taught really makes us feel like we made the right choice in teams and coaches. Ari has learned the correct footwork, shooting, dribbling and so much more with coach Madden and the RI Magic. On the court Coach Madden is very clear in his expectations with the kids, have fun, work hard, and do your best.

   The skills being taught on the court have been invaluable. Ari continues to grow and learn with each training session and new season of RI Magic. RI Magic provides parents with a trustworthy place for our children to train, the best coaches, as well as a platform for the kids to learn and grow. 

Watching the transformation the past year has been truly amazing!

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