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Safety Protocols

All CDC and local guidelines will be followed and we are adding additional layers of safety protocols to ensure the utmost safety of our players, coaches and families. Below are the guidelines for our practices. For tournaments, we ask that you take the same precautions. You will receive any tournaments’ specific guidelines before the first tournament. 

Before Practices and Games

  1. We ask that you take your child’s temperature and check them for the common symptoms associated with COVID-19 before all practices and games. You can find more information regarding symptoms at:

  2. For all practices, players are recommended to wear masks.

  3. Doors will be propped open when possible to avoid contact with high contact areas. 

  4. We will also be utilizing stable pods again this season. 

During/After Practices and Games

  1. Players do not need to bring basketballs to practices or games. Coaches will have basketballs and we will have hand sanitizer available during all practices.

  2. Players should bring their own water bottles and no sharing is allowed. We recommend that players bring a water bottle with their name clearly visible on the bottle and not use the water fountains at the facilities.

  3. All of our coaches are fully vaccinated. I will be recommending to coaches that they wear masks as well. Coaches will also be using hand whistles.  

  4. 10 doors will be open and 2 giant fans will be operating so that air is constantly circulating during the practices.

  5. We will be sending teams out of the gym one at a time and then bring in the next teams for practice. 

Click below for updated sports guidelines and quarantine requirements: