Tryout Dates are Posted!

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Sunday 2/24

3rd-5th Grades-9:00-10:30

6th Grade-10:30-12:00

7th Grade-12:00-1:30

8th Grade-1:30-3:00

Wednesday 2/27

3rd-5th Grades-5:30-6:30

6th Grade-6:30-7:30

7th Grade-7:30-8:30

8th Grade-8:30-9:30

Thursday 3/14

9th Grade-5:30-6:45

10th Grade-6:45-8:00

11th Grade-8:00-9:15

Sunday 3/17

9th Grade-9:30-11:00

10th Grade-11:00-12:30

11th Grade-12:30-2:00

*All tryouts will be held at Dr. Jorge Alvarez HS. We strongly recommend you register beforehand to ensure a quicker registration process.