Game Schedules - Spring 2022

Game schedules are posted here each week as well as direct links to Tourney Machine.

It is strongly encouraged to download the Tourney Machine app for easy access to

the most up-to-date schedule information.

REMINDER: Schedules are not final until Friday night. Game times and locations can change.

Be sure to check back on the RI Magic website on Friday night, as all changes are finalized

by that time. Spectator policies are noted for each location.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Zero Gravity basketball events will be going cashless moving forward.
This decision has been made with the effort in mind to expedite our services and keep all of our staff and customers safe.
While cash will no longer be accepted on-site, there will be multiple payment methods available for those attending events.
All major credit cards, including American Express, will be accepted on-site through Square Payments.

Varsity-  Swenson  (Gold Division)

Friday 8:00 am vs Boys 2 Men Select - George (NY) @ Ct 2


If Win - Friday 12:40 pm @ Ct 2

If Lose - Friday 6:30 pm @ Ct 5


3rd/4th Games

Win/Win - Semifinal Saturday 4:10 pm @ Ct 1 / Sunday 9:10 am or 10:20 am


Win/Lose - Saturday 4:10 pm @ Ct B / Sunday TBA

Lose/Win - Saturday 1:50 pm @ Ct 5 / Sunday 10:20 @ Ct 1

Lose/Lose - Saturday 1:50 pm @ Ct 5 / Sunday 10:20 @ Ct 1




Track at New Balance

91 Guest Street

Boston, MA  02135